Military Units

The Buy Units Window allows the player to purchase units to place in Russia, England, or the North East United States. The country where the purchased units will be placed is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. There is also a red arrow next to the flag of the country for which you are currently purchasing units. The player will not be able to purchase units to place on a country that he no longer controls. When you hover over a unit in the buy window, a description will be displayed as well as the player stats, which include Hit Points, Cost, Movement, Land Attack, Sea Attack, and Air Attack. The oil and food cost for moving the unit is also displayed.

Buy For Country

There are 3 different types of military units: Land, Sea, and Air. Each unit has a different ability to attack each one of these unit types. When a unit attacks another unit, it first checks to see if there are any enemy units with a type that corresponds to the attacking unit's highest attack. Fighter Planes are able to attack Land, Sea, and Air units, but their highest attack rating is against Air Units. If there are any enemy aircraft, the Fighter will attempt to attack them first. The attack ratings are on a 10 point scale. A Land Attack rating of 0 means the unit can not attack land units at all, a rating of 1 means that the unit will hit land units 10% of the time, 5 will hit 50% and 10 100%. All attack types work this way.


Land attack is the attack power a unit has against land units. The game has four land units: troops, tanks, artillery, and anti-aircraft.

Air attack is the attack power a unit has against aircraft units. The game has three types of aircraft: Fighters, Bombers, and Dive Bombers. If one player has aircraft, and the other has no units that can attack the aircraft, the player with the aircraft gains Air Superiority, and the other player will surrender without continuing the battle.

Sea Attack is the unit's ability to attack Naval Units, which include submarines, battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and transport ships.

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